On the volunteer programme

After the success of UEFA EURO 2012 and the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2017, we are faced with another organisational challenge – the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019. At the end of May 2019, 24 teams from around the globe will enter into a three-week competition to determine the best of the best. In order to provide world-class services to players as well as supporters, journalists and officials, we also need the best people! For our volunteer programme, we are looking for people full of energy and passion for sports who enjoy contact with people as well as new challenges and who show impeccable manners and commitment – volunteers thanks to whom our guests will remember this tournament for a long time, taking home nothing but fond memories.

If you think you have what we need and would also like to see the organisation of one of the biggest football events in the world from behind the scenes, gain valuable experience that will help you find a dream job in the future, make dozens of new friends, or you simply enjoy helping others, do not hesitate – the red button below is just for you!

Volunteer programme in numbers

2000 osób zarejestrowanych w bazie wolontariuszy PZPN


people registered in the volunteer database of the Polish Football Association

15000 logowań do Portalu Wolontariatu PZPN


log-ins to the Volunteer Portal of the Polish Football Association

1536 rozmów rekrutacyjnych przeprowadzonych z potencjalnymi wolontariuszami


recruitment interviews with potential volunteers

12 wolontariusze z tylu krajów współpracowali z nami od początku 2018 roku


volunteers from countries have been cooperating with the Polish Football Association since the beginning of 2018

88% przebadanych wolontariuszy oceniło, że program wolontariatu PZPN spełnił wszystkie ich oczekiwania


of volunteers stated that the volunteer programme of the Polish Football Association met their expectations

7 w tylu imprezach PZPN w 2018 roku uczestniczył wolontariusz-rekordzista


the number of events of the Polish Football Association in which the record-holding volunteer participated in 2018

132 wolontariuszy wsparło co najmniej dwa wydarzenia PZPN w 2018 roku


volunteers took part in at least two events of the Polish Football Association in 2018

870 osób zapisanych do grupy Wolontariat PZPN na Facebooku


people joined the Facebook group of the Volunteer Programme of the Polish Football Association

Volunteering schedule

The volunteer programme of the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019 consists of three main stages. The first is the recruitment of volunteers, which will commence on 17 September 2018 with the launching of an electronic system for submitting applications and end with the announcement of recruitment results in February 2019. Subsequently, the selected volunteers will begin training sessions and courses which will allow them to fully prepare to proceed to the third and last stage – the stage of tournament-related activities.

Number 1


17 września - 31 grudnia 2018Rekrutacja wolontariuszy on-line

Number 2


styczeń - luty 2019 Rozmowy rekrutacyjne z wolontariuszami

Number 3


28 lutego 2019 Ogłoszenie wyników

Number 4


marzec - kwiecień Szkolenia wolontariuszy w Miastach Gospodarzach

Number 5


maj - czerwiec Turniej - czas działań wolontariuszy

Number 6


czerwiec Zakończenie turnieju - wydarzenia podsumowujące

Host Cities


Number 1


Number 1


Number 1


Number 1


Number 1

Final Łódź

Number 1

Number 1

Information volunteers

Remarkably communicative and open persons. Among other things, their tasks include providing information about the event itself, the topography of the stadium or public transport. It is information volunteers that have the most frequent contact with supporters, which makes them living flagships of the organiser during the event.

Number 1

Support for people with disabilities

These volunteers are very communicative, show exceptional sensitivity and empathy. Their task is to assist people with disabilities in getting into the facility, moving around it, and finding easy-access places.

Number 1

Press Office

It is the information centre of the tournament, necessary for media coverage to be provided properly. Among other things, volunteers assist in preparing press conferences, providing official line-ups and statistics as well as offer necessary assistance to journalists from around the world.

Number 1


The areas of marketing activities at the stadium and other World Cup facilities are very broad, ranging from facility branding to issues concerning sponsors' stands. The tasks of the volunteer include supporting the Coordinator in the provision of all services to the sponsors of the tournament.

Number 1


There is no show without supporters. The volunteer assigned to this position will be the one to facilitate their entrance to the stands. The volunteer will be responsible for various tasks, which include the assistance in scanning tickets, providing information, showing people to the entrances appropriate to the type of ticket purchased and reporting any potential ticket issues.

Number 1

Organiser's office

The task of volunteers in this area is to support the Organising Committee, i.a. by assisting in the organisation of briefings, preparing conference rooms or keeping schedules and checklists as well as closely cooperating with the Venue Manager. These volunteers should be meticulous and have basic experience in the organisation of work in the office.

Number 1

Accreditation Office

The primary tasks of volunteers working in the Accreditation Office, who will be supporting the Accreditation Manager, are entering data into the accreditation system, preparing accreditations and issuing them to the right people.

Number 1


This position is for people with a driving licence, driving experience and basic automotive knowledge. Their tasks will include vehicle fleet servicing, taking care of fleet condition by refuelling or taking vehicles to car wash as well as keeping records of vehicles.

Number 1

VIP & Hospitality

A job for people who are tactful and communicative. Their tasks will include welcoming special guests of the tournament, giving out bands and supervising the entire VIP & Hospitality sphere in cooperation with its Coordinator.

Number 1

Arrivals & departures

Volunteers working in this area will be the first and last to be in contact with the participants of the World Cup. Their task will be to welcome and say goodbye to guests at airports, train stations and other transportation stations as well as to provide any necessary information.

Number 1

Team leaders

It is a group of the most experienced and competent volunteers, selected in the initial stage of recruitment, who will assist in the recruitment of the remaining volunteers, conduct training sessions and courses and, during the tournament, they will act as Volunteer Leaders.

Number 1


Providing assistance and any necessary help to the teams, referees and officials in finding hotel accommodation will be the task to be faced by the volunteers willing to support this area of activity.

Number 1

Drug testing

During the tournament, numerous drug tests will be conducted to ensure fair-play sports rivalry. The volunteer's task will be to assist and provide any necessary support to the medical inspection teams.

Volunteers' stories


A. Recruitment

Any person who reached the age of 18 no later than at the date of first training, i.e. March 1, can become a volunteer at the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019. We invite anyone who has enough free time at hand to cooperate.
Of course you CAN! If you want to help us and get involved in the volunteering project of the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019, we will do everything to find a task for you.
First of all, create an account on a dedicated volunteer system website, available at www.wolontariat.laczynaspilka.pl. Then go to Edit Profile and complete all the required data. Now you can choose the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019 volunteering project, city and areas to which you are applying. At the end, you need to complete a dedicated recruitment form and confirm your application.
Your application will appear in the system as "Submitted". This means that the Volunteer Coordinator is reviewing your application and evaluating its contents (i.a. volunteering experience, information about the person). In the case of missing information or any mistakes, you may be requested to correct or provide information via an email or a text message. After the initial selection, the selected applicants will be invited to a recruitment interview which will be crucial to the final results of recruitment. Those who did not qualify for the recruitment interview will also receive such information.
No, that is not possible. Separate recruitment processes will be carried out in each of the Host Cities at the same time. If you applied to help in a given city, your application will be considered only in this city.
Yes, people living outside of Poland can become volunteers. In such cases, the recruitment interview will be conducted via Skype. However, we would like to emphasise that the accommodation during the performance of volunteering tasks lies with the volunteer. If you are a citizen of another country and you do not have a PESEL (Polish Resident Identification Number), and you are therefore unable to register in the system, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at: wolontariat@pzpn.pl.
In many project areas the number of places is limited. Although we would like to assign everyone to the tasks that they find the most interesting, it is not always possible. If the task you were assigned to does not meet your expectations, please contact your Coordinator about it.

B. Training

All volunteers qualified for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019 volunteer programme will undergo necessary training that introduces them into their tasks. You will find the time frame of training in the project schedule. The exact dates will be communicated at a later time.
In most cases, training will take place at the facility where the project is implemented. Local Volunteer Coordinators will provide information on the exact locations of training.

C. Bonuses

Yes, every volunteer will sign an agreement with us and will be insured against accidents. At the same time, we emphasise that each case of health damage while performing volunteer's tasks under a given project should be reported immediately to the Volunteer Coordinator.
Yes, each volunteer will receive a certificate confirming the participation in volunteering activities at the end of the project. The certificate will be available for download in electronic version in your account in the volunteer system.
We encourage you to read the contents of the recruitment announcement carefully. There you will find all information concerning the equipment that we have prepared for volunteers working in particular areas.
In the volunteer centres and social rooms, each volunteer has unlimited access to coffee, tea, water and snacks. Depending on their working time, volunteers may also be entitled to a hot meal.
In most cases, volunteers perform their tasks during the event and this excludes the possibility of watching the match. However, as far as possible, we will try to ensure that every volunteer sees at least a part of a given event.

D. Other

The scope of tasks of volunteers in particular areas is described in the recruitment announcement. In case of doubt as to your potential tasks, you can always ask further questions by sending an email to wolontariat@pzpn.pl or writing a message to the Coordinator via the volunteer system.
We encourage you to carefully read the recruitment announcement containing the schedule of the event and information on required availability. You will have the opportunity to discuss your availability during an interview with the Coordinator. We will strive to make your schedule flexible and adapted to your availability.